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Hiking at Hawaii Kai

~ “Exploration is really the essence of the Human Spirit” ~ Borman

Welcome to my travel inspirational blog!

My name is Katy. I currently live in Hawaii with my wonderful husband in a condo near the beach.

I’m originally from California, where I was raised with three younger brothers and taught that life was about going to college, getting a 9-5 desk job, buying a home, having 2.5 kids, and then saving for retirement, so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor in my old age. I was the odd dumpling apparently, because I never believed that this was the path for me. My desire to experience the world and let it be my teacher trumped any thoughts of conforming to a life that society upheld as acceptable. I wanted to live by my own rules, since, well, I only have one chance at it. I wanted to see all the things that were out there in the world through travel – different people, cultures, foods, history, language, adventures, etc. as well as pushing myself beyond my usual limits and growing from the experience. I’m always trying to better myself by living for new challenges, and I hope to inspire others to do the same. My daily mantra is about movement in terms of growth and exploration. After all, life is movement. This is what inspired my “Go Katy Go” blog, which contains stories of my adventures and personal journey through this thing called life.


First, I love traveling. I thrive on the excitement that exploration and discovery provides. Finding an unknown place, eating unfamiliar foods (the “stranger” the better), learning new cultures and languages, meeting new friends, swimming in new waters, hiking difficult yet scenic trails, and the list goes on. I’m curious and have a strong desire to better myself every day. I know this isn’t a foreign endeavor for most people, but for me, it’s been a yearning that has in many ways influenced many decisions in my life… the pursuit of happiness, for me, is about living and not just existing. Life is about growth through new experiences and challenging ourselves and stepping out of our comfort zone.

tree, kaneohe, hoomaluhia botanical garden

I also love food. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat? Besides the pure satisfaction of eating a good meal, I see food as one of the best ways to experience a culture. There is so much that can be revealed about a culture through food, especially its history.

I enjoy learning foreign languages. I love speaking to the locals in their own language because it’s a way of connecting in a way that is personal. It allows you, in a way, to experience a culture from a perspective other than your own.

snorkeling, north shore, 3 tables beach

With all that said, I also seek joy and see the beauty in the simple things in life, as they serve as reminders to live in a state of being grateful. I love watching the sunrises and sunsets, enjoying a warm cup of coffee at café while reading a book.

I’ve always had passion for life and getting the most out of it. At times, it is difficult to always find things that excite and challenge me, but this blog has become a new motivator to see and experience things differently.

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Want to know more about me? Random Facts…

1) I’m a freelance hairstylist and appreciate fashion
2) I speak and understand Chinese and French
3) I was raised in California (San Jose – home of Silicon Valley), and have lived in San Francisco and New York for many years.
4) People watching is one of my favorite past times
5) I love to laugh
6) I am obsessed with France (who isn’t?? and yes, I am a francophile)
7) Vintage shopping is my other passion (I love the treasure hunt!)
8) I’ve been to Canada, most of the US, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Italy, Eastern and Western Caribbean.
9) I’m deathly afraid of snakes and cockroaches
10) I’m a Sagitarrius

shave ice, waiola

Happy Travels!











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