I’ve been feeling extremely unmotivated with my blog and I just started! I think it’s a combination of feeling overwhelmed and having little motivation.

It’s frustrating to feel to this way because I am truly excited about it…or am I? I’ve come up with every excuse in the book to avoid writing…”Oh it’s too much work”or “I’m so tired”, “Who is going to read it?”, “Are my articles going to be interesting or funny enough?”, etc. I could go on. How do I get out of this rut? How do I stop these negative voices in my head? Is this normal? How do I keep motivated, AND inspired to keep writing interesting articles week by week?

During my inner struggles, I’ve come to realize that my situation is like training for a marathon. I realize this analogy is cliche, but it has helped me nonetheless.

The first few weeks of writing can be painstaking, especially if you’re not used to writing regularly. The same can be said for running or training. Your body may be screaming at you for the torture you are putting it through, BUT  when you get past that initial mental and physical pain, your mind and your body start to thank you for it…this is what I call the “I’m in the zone and nothing can stop me now!” phase. After that hump, you realize your body begins to crave it. Your mind, your heart, your brain juices are firing on all cylinders. You even feel great after a good long run! At this point, you have a momentum going and all your hard work is paying off. Don’t get me wrong, training for this marathon isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but at least you have pushed yourself to the next level…the only direction is forward! You are on your way to WIN this race!

This marathon runner example also applies to whatever we do in life. We need passion to help motivate us, and in turn, motivation will take us to the finish line.

Besides, this blog has saved me in many ways. Why not give it a chance??

Are YOU in a rut? Here are some IDEAS to get that jump start and get you MOTIVATED!


Envision your overall goal. Then, you need to create a succession of small goals. Create a daily schedule in order to create a wor
k habit so that it becomes part of your routine, just like the marathon runner. If you had a successful day, reward yourself with something you love. For me, I reward myself with a bag of candy, a trip to Paris, and a shopping spree. (Kidding!) You get the idea though.


You have to put in the time and hard work. In order for something to be successful you must do the work, just like the marathon runner. It takes time and patience, lots of practice and training.


You are on  your own and unique path. Be a trail blazer! There’s no comparison because you are special. But, you can find inspiration in other blogs (or whatever project you are working on). Stay true to yourself because you need to be authentic. There is an audience for everyone.


First and foremost, write for YOU. This is your story, your view of the world, your voice, your own experience.  That can give you a good starting point. Aim to please the ones that matter. You can’t please everyone.


People can read through BS. Your audience will be able to see and feel your passion, or lack thereof, so make each post count. If you are not feeling inspired, then take a short break from writing.


Contact local bloggers  in your area to share ideas and support each other. We are in it together. We must build each other up.

GOOD LUCK and thank you for reading. I hope this helps!

I would love to hear about your challenges and how you overcome them!  Sharing is caring =)

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