Let me preface this by saying that it takes me a long time to get choreography. I took hip hop dance classes for almost 3 years, 6 days a week. It was like a religion, like going to church. It was an obessession. I was determined to pick up choreography and to realize my dream of being the next Janet Jackson. Obviously, that never happened, but I knew I wanted to be a better dancer. I worked hard at it and eventually, I felt confident enough to try out for a dance troupe (which I didn’t make). I’m ok with not making it, but I was proud that I was able to pick up choreography and do it decently. That was my success.

Fast forward to now…I’ve always had this vision of me wearing a coconut bra with a grass skirt, and a beautiful head piece to go with my long hair, dancing to drums. Sounds like hula dancing, right? Actually, Tahitian dance always fascinated me, so I decided to stop making excuses and take a class (with the encouragement of a friend who has been taking it). I immediately fell in love. The rapid hip action, the rhythmic beats of the drum made me want to shake it all day long. Now, attempting to move my hips like my instructor takes years of experience and pretty much impossible in my first class. So there came a realization…trying to move my hips felt like I was trying to moving stone. It didn’t move! Boy, I was frustrated, but definitely determined.

I’ve been working really hard to excel in Tahitian dance. I’ve made it my goal to at least do one stage performance that I am proud of. This dance has fueled a fire in me. So much so, that I’ve hired my instructor to teach me privately. For now, I may have 2 left feet and stone like hips, but I’m ready to loosen up those hips, move those feet, shake itΒ out and get lost in the thunderous beats of the Tahitian drums, like the girls in these pictures!


What ignites that fire in you? Is there some class or activity you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t?

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